Blue Smoke Salsa

Blue Smoke Salsa traces its origins to the basement of a home in Fayette County, West Virginia in 1993. The unique recipes — which all feature sweet onions as part of their flavor — became a local favorite over the years.

After changing hands a couple of times in between, Vandalia Incorporated has brought the Blue Smoke Salsa brand and recipes back to the heart of West Virginia to continue the legacy begun nearly thirty years ago.

Blue Smoke Salsa is kettle cooked in our Charleston, West Virginia plant, with a focus on using quality ingredients and the attention to detail that can only be matched by producing in small batches.

We currently produce five varieties of Blue Smoke Salsa: Mild, Medium, Hot, Triple-X Hot, and Peach. They are perfect as a snack with the classic tortilla chip pairing or as an ingredient in dishes as wide ranging as meatloaf to huevos rancheros.

Once you get a taste of our uniquely sweet and flavorful salsas, you won’t give the big brands a second look.