Appalachian Mountain Specialty Foods

Ramps….Wilted Lettuce...Mustard glazes…

Our Appalachian Mountain Specialty Foods line of dressings, glazes, and sauces takes classic Appalachian inspired flavors to a whole new level.

After acquiring this Spencer, West Virginia based brand, Vandalia Incorporated has grown the Appalachian Mountain Specialty Foods brand by emphasizing the heritage and inspiration for each product.

From The Real McCoy Mustard Sauce to Uncle Roy’s Old Fashioned Ramp Dressing, each product tells a uniquely Appalachian story. This entire product line is available in either 10 or 25 ounce sizes and is suitable for home or restaurant use.

Oh, and as Steve Jobs would say, one more thing… Our Appalachian Mountain Specialty Foods also produces the award winning Copperhead Bloody Mary Mix. This unique mix is not only an amazing mixer for the classic cocktail, it is great in a wide range of recipes like tomato soup, chili, and many other delights.

You are sure to find some mountain inspired favorites in this collection of products.