Yoder's Country Kettle

Yoder’s Country Kettle is our brand of jams, spreads, honeys, and pickled products that are all uniquely Appalachian.

Yoder’s Country Kettle was founded in 1992 by Kevin Yoder, and Vandalia Incorporated carries on his vision of delicious, high quality products today — nearly thirty years later.

We produce a wide range of flavors of fruit jams and spreads under our Yoder’s Country Kettle Brand — including a variety of seedless and no sugar added flavors — to meet the needs of a broad range of consumers.

In addition to our fruit based products, Yoder’s Country Kettle also sells honey in four different sizes, a delicious apple butter that customers love, and a range of pickled products like traditional Appalachian Chow Chow and pickled vegetables like corn, green beans, and beets.

Yoder’s Country Kettle is the high quality alternative to mass produced jams and spreads that you've been searching for.